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The Caliph's Bride Part 3

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The Caliph's Bride Part 3

The Caliph had had enough of the old man and decided to do away with him. He made a law that all orphans would come under the palace's direct protection and had his guard arrest the old man on trumped up charges and set up a mock trial. 

Wanting to give some semblance of fairness as he sentenced the old man to death he said "You have been a sneaky man and someone I cannot trust to be a good and faithful subject. However I will give you the opportunity to decide your own means of execution. If you tell me a truthful statement I promise you will die quickly by the axe; tell me a false statement and I promise you will die slowly on the rack. What do you have to say?"

The daughter asked if she could have a last word with her Father before he was executed and the Caliph, who didn't want her to be too cross on their wedding night, agreed.

She whispered something into her father's ear and a twinkle appeared in his eye. The answer the old man then gave to the Caliph not only meant that he lived but the Caliph was so frustrated by it he had a nervous breakdown and had to go into convalescence for the rest of his days.

What do you think the old man said?

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