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The Caliph's Bride 2

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Caliph's Bride Part 2

As you may imagine the Caliph was not a happy man. He fumed and raged until his Chancellor told him of a clever method another Caliph had used to trick one of his subjects out of his farm. 

"All he did was to put one black grape into a barrel full of white grapes and tell the man that if he pulled out the black grape, while blindfolded, he would win his weight in gold  -  whereas if he pulled out a white grape he would lose."

The Caliph was delighted with this trick and had a little trick of his own to add to it.

He called all of the old man's fellow villagers out to see him outwit the old man and to act as witnesses to the "fairness" of the deal. 

"If he pulls out the black grape, " he told the crowd, " I give him his weight in gold. If he pulls out a white grape I get to marry his daughter." The crowd applauded politely.

But when it came to the placing of the black grape in among the white grapes the Caliph slyly  popped it in his mouth and ate it while pretending to drop it in.

The old man, and several people in the crowd saw what the Caliph had done, but he knew that no-one would speak against the Caliph and call him a cheat for fear of their lives. 

The beautiful daughter had a plan and asked the Caliph if she could blindfold her father. The Caliph realising that a gesture of generosity on his part would add to the apparent fairness of the whole proceedings gave permission. As she tied the blindfold around her ageing fathers head she whispered a scheme into his ear. He had to try very hard not to smile at the cleverness of it and by the end of the day his daughter was still living with him. 

What did she tell him to do?

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