Fassnidge Memorial Trust

Charity number 303078

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About the Trust

Kate Fassnidge, a wealthy landowner in Uxbridge, with her husband bequeathed to the Council Fassnidge Memorial Park and certain properties in the High Street in Uxbridge.

Around 1992 a High Court decreed that a Trust existed with regard to the properties in Uxbridge High Street and in September 1994 an independent Trust was established under the auspices of the Charity Commission.

Every charity has a governing document. The will of Kate Fassnidge was unable, fifty years on, of being implemented in its entirety, therefore a Scheme to run the Charity was devised.

The purpose of the Charity is as follows:

Subject to payment of the expenses aforesaid the Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity in the following ways and in the following order of priority:

  • for the benefit of old persons residing in the area of the former Urban District of Uxbridge;
  • for the benefit of such persons residing elsewhere in the London Borough of Hillingdon; and
  • for any charitable purposes for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the said London Borough”.

There are twelve Trustees who meet approximately once a month to carry out the business of the Trust. The Trustees have a personal responsibility towards the Trust and make their decisions collectively at their meetings.

The Trustees inherited three properties, Darren House, Fassnidge Memorial Hall and The Cedars all on the High Street in Uxbridge. Darren House is leased and the Trustees therefore have no control over this property. However the Hall and The Cedars were in a bad state. The Trustees first set about bringing these properties up to standard. The Hall is leased to Uxbridge Old Peoples’ Welfare Association and The Cedars is leases to Co-op Homes.

The Trustees have subsequently acquired the Hall on the High Street Northwood. The Hall requires extensive renovation works.

The Trustees also inherited a large sum of money as a result of wise investment by the Council of income from the properties. The Trustees are continuing to invest wisely and the Trust Fund has accumulated.

The income from these investments is used to cover administration purposes first of all, in accordance with the Scheme and is then applied charitably in order of priority under the Scheme as stated above.

Who can apply for a grant?

The Trustees receive application from individuals and organisations from all over the Borough which they consider individually on the basis of merit in accordance with the criteria the Trustees have set. This ensures a fair, uniform and consistent approach.

Applications from individuals are normally referred through an organisation such as DASH who have undertaken some research into the applicant’s livelihood and can therefore recommend the applicant as a worthwhile cause. They are also for a specific object that the applicant really needs, such as a cooker or fridge.

Organisations on making an application to the Charity are also required to submit a copy of their constitution and their most recent accounts for consideration by the Trustees’ Financial Advisor.

The Trustees will also seek to help those organisations wishing to make bids to the Lottery, marathon or other funding organisations.

How to contact us

Should you wish to know more about this Charity please contact the Trustees’ Legal Adviser,

Frazine Johnson
7 Park Place,
Newdigate Road,

or on 01895 821818/ 821817
or email at frazinejohnson@lawyer.com


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