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Tenants & Residents Associations

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Tenants & Residents Associations (T&RAs) are groups of people who live in the same area who work together to improve their local environment. They are groups of volunteers who may receive money to help in the running of their association (e.g. for printing leaflets, room hire, light refreshments for meetings) but do not get paid for their time.

The work closely with Council's Housing Department.

If you would like to know more about your local T&RA you could contact the Housing Department of the council and ask for Client Services. 

The Council's phone number is 01895 250111

T&RA Sites

Avondale T& R A

Dene Road RA

Glebe Estate Residents Assoc.

Longford Residents Association

Trinity Close Estate

There are many more T&RAs in the Borough but these are the ones with a web site that we know about. If you know of more please email the Web Editor at

Other Links

Tenant Participation Advisory Service

A1 Council House Exchange

Locata - allocating properties to people on the waiting list


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