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Lots of People want to swap a link with Hillingdon On-line.

If you want to swap a link please read the conditions below.

Free Swap Listings

We will give a free listing and link if you are a voluntary group,  school, local charity or religious group in Hillingdon.

All you have to do is copy the Hillingdon On-line logo from the top of this page and use it on your links page or somewhere prominent on your site with a link to:

When you have set it up contact us and we will put a link to your site and a listing in the relevant pages of Hillingdon On-line, We will also allow you to list your events  in the What's On section for free.

If you do not have a site you may wish for us to set you up with a page on Hillingdon On-line. This may be done for free depending on the nature of your group and your budget. It is expected that the larger groups and businesses pay so that we can subsidise the free service we offer to small, unfunded groups.

Business Links

We do swap links with business sites but not for free. The rates for a listing on Hillingdon On-line are available by email from the Web Editor.