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Hillingdon On-line is delighted to have a local astrologer, Alexander, who is willing to share his knowledge, talent and skills with us.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a system for describing the order and rhythms of life in picture and symbols. Astrology assumes that the planets of our solar system, their cycles of revolution, their respective positions and aspects, all show an effect on people / nature, and that there are interdependencies between the cosmic cycles and human life. It is important to understand that this influence is not fixed, and that we have free-will. I like to believe that Astrology provides us with the Signposts - and as if we were taking a trip on the motorway to - for example Brighton - we could choose to follow certain signposts, or take our own particular route.

Each of the ten planets, including the sun and the moon, symbolises unique potential forces. Planets represent different cosmic forces that affect our basic character traits and your changing urges and needs. They provide the energies that drive your physical, emotional, and mental and intuition systems. We are all aware of the influence of the Moon, and the planets are reputed to also have such an influence, although on a more subtle level.

  What are the signs of the Zodiac?

ARIES - March 21st To April 20th
TAURUS - April 21st To May 21st
GEMINI - May 22nd To June 21st
CANCER - June 22nd To July 23rd
LEO - July 24th To August 23rd
VIRGO - August 24th To September 23rd
LIBRA - September 24th To October 23rd
SCORPIO - October 24th To November 22nd
SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd To December 21st
CAPRICORN - December 22nd To January 20th
AQUARIUS - January 21st To February 19th
PISCES - February 20th To March 20th

What is a Sun Sign?

The Sun Sign is the sign on the zodiac in which the Sun stood at the time of   birth. It is what people usually refer to when they say they are a "Taurus" or a "Libra". As it takes the Sun 365 days to make a complete transit through the twelve signs of the zodiac, the sun spends about a month in each sign. Your Sun Sign is determined according to what time of the year you were born.

Do all the signs get along?

Relationships: The following groups of signs are the most compatible, (although when a personal chart is drawn up, the Ascendant and planets' locations in the person's chart is taken in consideration for a more accurate picture.) Other sign / elemental combinations do also work in different way, but the following are the most compatible:

Aries - Leo - Sagittarius = FIRE SIGNS

Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn = EARTH SIGNS

Gemini - Libra - Aquarius = AIR SIGNS

Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces = WATER SIGNS

How do I get an Astrological reading just for me?

Details can be found at:

Look at Astrology by Alexander - The Psychic's Astrologer

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