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What is an Allotment?

An allotment is a piece of land which people may rent cheaply from the council or other group on which they may grow their own produce. The general rule is that what you grow should be for your own consumption and is not for retail sale.

There are allotments dotted around the borough but at the moment they are quite underused. One of the problems facing allotment holders in the long term is that this very useful and therapeutic resource may be lost to house building if they are not used more.

Allotments with Vacancies

This letter shows that some of the allotment sites are in good use and are providing positive benefits to the community.

Dear Sir/ Madam
I am the secretary of the Green Lane Allotments Association which is situated in Uxbridge nestled between Brunel University and the Wyvale Garden Centre.
The site is owned by St Johns Church Hillingdon, there has been allotments on this site for about 200 years and we have an active membership and community links with the Church and WI, however we would very much like to make our site more available as we have several empty plots due to some of our older members giving up.
Would it be possible to arrange some sort of advertising slot for our Association in your magazine or web site.
Joanna Harvey Secretary


If you know of another allotment site with an active group looking for more support drop me a line and we will include you in this section of Hillingdon On-line. You can email what you want to appear to

Allotment Tips and Tricks

I don't want an allotment there are too many weeds!

If you think that you might have wanted to have a plot but the only plots available near to you are covered in weeds don't panic. The council will use a rotivator on the plot for you first. This turns over all of the soil and gets rid of the weeds. It's not a perfect job but it takes most of the hard work out of starting up your plot.


Most people using allotments are very co-operative and freely give good advice. Not only that but when crops come in there is often a surplus of one or two vegetables or fruits. This is a great time to give away some of your surplus to the other allotment holders. They are happy to return the favour when their crops come in and this means you can have a range of fresh fruits and vegetables at different times of the year without having to grow too wide a variety on your own patch.

We would like contributions on controlling pests and tips for growing fruits and vegetables including which varieties are best for flavour and quantity.


to get an allotment contact N Porter 01895 277 765

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