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Number Quiz Answers

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Number Quiz Answers

1            SS for a M but a HL for M      Small Step for a Man but a Huge Leap for Mankind

1            YM - PWA     Year Married – Paper Wedding Anniversary

2            S to ES         Sides to Every Story

3            S to H              Steps to Heaven

3            C in the F      Coins in the Fountain

3            BM              Blind Mice

3            P in a T              Players in a Trio

3            F in a Y           Feet in a Yard

4            P in a Q              Players in a Quartet

4            S in a Y              Seasons in a Year

5            P in a Q              Players in a Quintet

6            P on a PT              Pockets on a Pool Table

6            H a D              Half a Dozen

7            DS              Deadly Sins

7            W of the W              Wonders of the World

7            D in a W          Days in a Week

8            N in an O      Notes in an Octave

9            CL              Cat’s Lives

10          E in the D     Events in the Decathlon

10          YM - TWA     Years Married – Tin Wedding Anniversary

10          Y in a D           Years in a Decade

11          P in a HT              Players in a Hockey Team

12          N on a C              Numbers on a Clock

13          P at the LS    People at the Last Supper

13          BD              Bakers Dozen

14          P in a S              Pounds in a Stone

15          P in a RUT              Players in a Rugby Union Team

16          O in a P              Ounces in a Pound

16          OE to M          Old Enough to Marry

17          OE to D           Old Enough to Drive

18          OE to V           Old Enough to Vote

18          H on a GC        Holes on a Golf Course

19          AA of USS in VW              Average Age of United States Soldiers in Vietnam War

20          H in a T              Hundredweight in a Ton

20          N on a DB              Numbers on a Darts Board

21          S in a G              Shillings in a Guinea

21          K of the D     Key of the Door

24          H in a D           Hours in a Day

25          YM – SWA     Years Married – Silver Wedding Anniversary

26          M in a M          Miles in a Marathon

28          D in a LM        Days in a Lunar Month

30          YM – PWA     Years Married – Pearl Wedding Anniversary

33          RPM - LPR    Revs per minute – Long Playing Record

40          YM – RWA     Years Married – Ruby Wedding Anniversary

40          D in L              Days in Lent

45          RPM - S         Revs per minute - Single

49          N in the NL              Numbers in the National Lottery

50          YM - GWA    Years Married – Golden Wedding Anniversary

52          C in a FD         Cards in a Full Deck

52          W in a Y              Weeks in a Year

60          S in a M              Seconds in a Minute

60          YM - DWA    Years Married – Diamond Wedding Anniversary

60          OE for a W to R              Old enough for a woman to retire

60          M in an H              Minutes in an Hour

65          OE for a M to R              Old enough for a man to retire

70          MPH - MSL   Miles Per Hour – Maximum Speed Limit

76          T L the B P              Trombones Led the Big Parade

88          K on a P           Keys on a Piano


100        Y in a C           Years in a Century

100        P in a P              Pennies in a Pound

100        OE for a TF the Q              Old Enough for a Telegram from the Queen

112        P in a H              Pounds in a Hundredweight

180        HS in a G of D              Highest Score in a Game of Darts

220        Y in a F           Yards in a Furlong

300        HS in a G of TPB              Highest Score in a Game of Tenpin Bowling

365        D in a Y           Days in a Year

625        L on a TVS      Lines on a TV Screen

1000      Y in a M          Years in a Millennium

1760      Y in a M          Yards in a Mile

2240      P in a T              Pounds in a Ton

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