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The Caliph's Bride 2 Answer

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The Caliph's Bride Part 2 Answer

What she told her father to do, and what he did, was to pull out a grape from the barrel but keep it in his clenched fist so that no-one would see it, then to swallow it quickly without showing its colour.

The Caliph was amused by the antics of the old man until his beautiful daughter shouted out, "We will never tell what colour the grape is that my father pulled out - unless we look in the barrel. If the black grape is still in there then he swallowed a white grape and I am the Caliph's thirteenth wife. If the black grape is gone then it must be in my father's stomach and I must continue to live at home with him."

The barrel of course had never contained a black grape and so the father and daughter remained together.