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This may be one of the simplest games you will ever play and amuse people for a long time. It is simple enough for most primary aged children and challenging enough for adults. I did it with a team of doctors and they took just as long as everyone else.

You can play this with any group of English speaking people and it will be a challenge and if the group is of mixed ages the children stand as much chance as the adults.

The question is this:

Name ten parts of the human body that have only three letters

The first is eye now you only have another 9 to get.


No Rude ones (bum or worse!)

It has to be a full name so lid as in eyelid doesn't count.

Here is the first clue if you want it (scroll down)
















Clue 1 follows

There are five above the neck and five below

Need more help? Continue Scrolling.










Clue 2 follows:

Think Dentist and what you are meant to look after - other than teeth

Need more help? continue Scrolling.












Clue 3

You can order a spare portion of these in a Chinese restaurant

Still struggling? Scroll on












Clue 4

One below the neck rhymes with one above.

If you are desperate click here for the list







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