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The Phone Co-op

Saving money...

on the calls you take

Non geographic numbers give your company a larger feel. These are the 0845 or 0870 numbers you see in adverts.

Generally speaking they give you the benefit of being able to move around without ever having to change your number or by having a number which feels "distant" to some of the people who would like to call you.

0870 is a national rate call and could cost you a few hundred pounds over the course of the year from BT. It is a free service from the Phone Co-op.

0845 is a step towards meeting your customers needs. Not only does it give a feel of a larger company but it also reduces the phone costs of your customers who are paying the BT local rate wherever they are calling from.

Funnily enough the Phone Co-op doesn't differentiate between customers or family so they even off this as a free service to domestic customers. This saves hundreds of pounds per year compared with BT but and also with BT you can be asked to pay towards the incoming call cost at about 6p per minute. It's all free with the Phone Co-op.

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