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No Third Runway

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Heathrow Airport is the busiest in Europe and one of the busiest in the world. With two existing runways and a 5th terminal on the way it will maintain this position. Consider the number of people trying to get to Heathrow now - around 50 million per year. Add 30 million on to this when the 5th Terminal comes into play and you can only begin to think of what the chaos will be in Western London.

If you are concerned about congestion charges in Central London then you may be concerned that one of the options left to road planners would be a similar scheme in the vicinity of Heathrow. Not everyone has to travel into central London every day and so you may not feel strongly about the 5 per visit motorists have to pay. How would you feel about toll motorways leading into Heathrow - you must have heard of them: the M25 and the M4.

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