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Jokes 06

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Apple v Microsoft

As you may know there is an ongoing rivalry between Apple and Microsoft with the running argument being that what Apple does today Microsoft will do at some time in the future. With that in mind read the following joke.

Three Apple reps were queuing for rail tickets at Euston Station. In front of them in the queue were three Microsoft reps. the Microsoft crew bought 3 return tickets to Birmingham and moved to the side. Two of the Apple Reps also moved to the side while the third one bought one return ticket to Birmingham.

Puzzled the Microsoft trio followed the Apple folk to the train. The train pulled out of the station and everyone read or talked on their mobile phones until they saw the ticket collector in the next carriage. At that the Apple staff got up and moved towards the toilet. The Microsoft lot took their tickets out and when the ticket collector had checked them they looked to see what would become of their rivals. The ticket collector knocked on the toilet door and said "Ticket please!" The door slightly opened and a hand appeared clutching the ticket. The ticket was punched and handed back and the ticket collector moved on. The Apple workers waited a couple of minutes and then made their way back to their seats. There was a buzz of conversation from the Microsoft workers and they took some notes.

A week went by and then, once more in Euston, the six found themselves in the same place. The Microsoft people duly sent one of their number to buy one return ticket to Birmingham. Grinning broadly they even waved the ticket at the Apple trio as they made their way to the platform.

The Apples did not buy a ticket but followed their competitors onto the platform. The Microsoft reps were puzzled at the total lack of ticket and then decided that the Apples were crazy risking a fine to this extent and grinned broadly as they got onto the train.

This time when the ticket collector came all six made their way towards the toilet three going into one cubicle while the other three went into the other.

Then one of the Apples came out of the toilet rapped sharply on the other door and said "Ticket please." He could almost hear the titters as he took the ticket out of the Microsoft hand as it was proffered round the partially opened door. He took the ticket and disappeared into the other cubicle.