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North Hillingdon Panel

  Hillingdon Online: Health Chat index: North Hillingdon Panel: 2006/05/16

Tuesday 16th May 2006

The Boardroom. Mount Vernon Hospital
7.30 –9.30 PM.

Present: Chair (AC) and 8 Panel Members (PM)
Speaker: Locality Manager for North Hillingdon - HD
Minute Taker from HPCT – present for Speaker time only.

Apologies. 2 P.M.

1) AC welcomed a prospective new Panel Member and HD from Hillingdon PCT.

2) Health Service Provision in North Hillingdon.
talked through the presentation written by Ian Ayres based on the Framework for Recovery and Initial Actions.
HD explained that the overview included the history, current deficit, actions to be implemented and targets to reach. As of March 2006 the PCT deficit is £33million – made up of £25million recurrent deficit and £8million brought forward.
HD reported that Hillingdon was a first wave PCT with an average population and funding slightly above capitation.
There have been a number of staff changes recently with a New Chair, a Directory of Recovery, a new associate Director and Interim Directors of Commissioning and Finance.
HD explained that Ian Ayres is keen to increase Community staff and the Rapid Response Teams to reduce the activity within the hospital and Front End A& E therefore reducing expenditure.
AC reported that the Recovery Plan had been approved by the Board and that the target was to save £14milliion this year and reduce spending by £2million per month.
HD suggested that a member of the Recovery team be invited to attend a future meeting.
PMexpressed an interest in Accident and Emergency auditing as he has carried out similar audits within his Police involvement which have shown interesting findings.

HD confirmed that forty Dental practices have signed up to the new NHS Dental contract. One practice has opted out and two practices have been offered NHS contracts of nil value as they had not set up until after the reference period and were therefore not entitled to NHS funding. Research has shown that more Dentists are needed in the south of the borough rather than the North. Three practices have requested child only contracts which have been approved.
The Out of Hours service is in Heston where patients are triaged to the appropriate service and Nurses will be have access to unscheduled appointments with local Dentists for the following day. HD confirmed that the PCT telephone number automatically redirects to the OOHs number.
HD agreed to distribute the new Dental leaflets once they have been printed which show the new charges.
Action: HD

Services at Mount Vernon.
Due to lack of time this item was postponed.

Future role of NH Public Panel within the PCT Structure.
AC explained that now the panel is functioning well and has a voice within the PCT they would like to be formally recognised. The group discussed this and agreed that although they challenge and question issues they would like to be involved in decisions before they are made.
HD to agreed to feed this back.
Action: HD

HD reported that the Steven Shackman practice have now purchased the land to build their new Health Centre on the Mount Vernon Site.

3) Minutes of the Meeting 21st March:

Typo- p.2 6(b) should read ‘ demand for female beds’

P2. 6. (c) Harefield R.A. speaker Ian Ayers Chief Executive to replace Elaine Kerr whom recently resigned from HPCT.

Typo p.3. South Ruislip R.A should read’ Community Voice meeting by Dr Goodier’

Minutes were agreed and signed as correct.

4. Matters Arising.
N.B. Minutes of previous meeting should be changed from 15.11.05 to 17.01.06.
All other matters included in Agenda for this meeting.

5. Notice of A.O.B.

i) Car Parking at Hillingdon Hospital

6. Update on:
a) Tenants/ Residents Associations

i)Harefield Tenants/Residents Association PM (Chair) : Reported that the
Royal Brompton & Harefield Trust have been invited by the Government to apply for Foundation Trust Status. The Trust had held a public consultation meeting to seek the views of the public on this proposal.
This would involve patients, the public and staff in the running of the Trust.
PMoutlined some of the proposals which included an opportunity for the public to become Governors and Members of the Trust and to purchase shares in the Trust.

There has been a bid by Hammersmith to take over some of the services provided by Harefield Hospital. St Mary’s has also expressed an interest in the work carried out by Harefield Hospital.

Ian Ayers, C.E. HPCT was to replace Elaine Kerr as the speaker at their meeting on the
18th May. Subject Cancer Services at Mount Vernon – AC invited to attend.

ii) South Ruislip Residents Associations. PM & AC attends. Concerns raised by 2 members of Staff working at Mount Vernon regarding the Burns & Plastics Department and the future of these services. The staff who are employed by East Herts had received very little information regarding their future. AC agreed to contact Terry Kelly HPCT and update them on the latest information available.

iii) Ruislip Residents Association. PM attends Informed the meeting that David Mcvitie C.E Hillingdon Hospital is attending the R.A. meeting on 13th June. Update at next committee meeting.

iv) Ickenham Residents Association

Presentation of paper written by DR David John on Denistry.

v) Eastcote R.A.- no report as PM on holiday.

b) Community Voice- 3 PMs attend Ongoing campaigning for the future of Mount Vernon Cancer Services. Latest initiative has been to approach minicab drivers to log time taken to transport customers to Hammersmith Hospital.

c) PCT Board Meeting: AC

Associate Non-Executive Directors – 2 new appointments, 1 member resigned after 1st meeting due to other commitments. Replacement to be recruited

Ruislip Ambulance Site- suggestions of site behind the Pembroke Centre in Ruislip Manor.

Burns & Plastics – Very little additional information added since last meeting. Royal Free scheduled to take over hub & spoke services from September 2006.

Access & Capacity Review (new title.) Mount Vernon. Report not presented to Board so not available to public. AC circulated copy of findings from the consultation group to Panel Members (courtesy of Chair- Community Voice.) Recommendation upheld for transfer of services to Hatfield and Hammersmith by 2012

d) Steve Shackman Practice- see talk by HD

e) Joint Meeting Hayes Harlington PP –Very interesting and informative talk by Dennis Ball Team Leader of “Sorted”, Drugs Advice, Information & Support Services .
4 NHPP Member attended. Return invitation to HHPP Members suggested for September/ November Meeting . AC to arrange.

7 Discussion on:

April/May Core Briefs – PM raised concern regarding the PCT’s Recruitment Policy i.e. vacancies within the PCT advertised only via NHS web sites.. Therefore non-internet users excluded from opportunity to apply. Matter raised with HR – response unsatisfactory, Matter referred to Mike Whitlam, Chair Hillingdon PCT - awaiting response.

Future Speakers for July/ September Meetings.

July agreed C.C. LAS.

September – Suggestions re: Childcare Services - ? Health Visitor input. Possibly National Childbirth Trust.

8. A.O.B.

Car Parking at Hillingdon Hospital – NB to attend venue with Hillingdon Councillors possible opportunity to discuss this issue –update July meeting.

Date of Next Meetings:

Tuesday 18th July 2006
Tuesday 19th September 2006
Tuesday 21st November 2006

All Meetings at 7.30pm to 9.30 PM in The Boardroom at Mount Vernon Hospital