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PCT's Annual Health Check


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The Star Rating system for judging local Health Services is on the way out. This will be replaced by the Annual Health Check. Below is an outline of what the health check will cover. Does it get your thoughts going - would you like to tell someone about your thoughts.

There's an email contact at the bottom that you can use!


 The Trust will be assessed in seven areas of care called  “Domains”

q       Domain 1: Safety. Is the Trust working safely?

q       Domain 2: Clinical and cost effectiveness. Is the Trust providing the best possible treatment? Is it value for money?

q       Domain 3: Governance. Is the Trust well run?

q       Domain 4: Patient Focus. Does the Trust put patients first? Does it treat them fairly?

q       Domain 5: Accessible and responsive care. Does the Trust involve patients in decisions about treatment and care, and minimise delays and bottlenecks?

q       Domain 6: Care Environment and amenities. Is the Trust well designed and maintained?

q       Domain 7: Public Health. Does the Trust promote, protect and improve the health of its patients and the population at large?

 Each domain will have core standards that the Trust must meet and developmental standards that the Trust should aspire to.

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