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North Hillingdon Panel

  Hillingdon Online: Health Chat index: North Hillingdon Panel: 2006/01/17
  North Hillingdon Public Panel Meeting
Minutes of Meeting held on 17.01.06
The Boardroom, Mount Vernon Hospital

Ann Chad (Chair) (AC)
7 Panel members were present (PM)
(Minutes) (VB)
(Speaker) (SE)

1 Welcome/Apologies:
AC welcomed SE, Nurse Locality Manager.
Apologies: 3 Panel members

2) The Nurse Locality Manager gave a presentation on Community Nursing Services in Hillingdon:

SE informed the panel that she had been a nurse for 26 years and her responsibilities as locality nurse manager for North Hillingdon also include the Hillingdon wide Twilight & Macmillan Nursing Services and the Northwood & Pinner Community Unit.

There is a national shortage of community nurses and health visitors. This has been compounded by the PCT's dire financial situation which has resulted in a vacancy freeze since March 2005. The Service was originally asked to save 1m during the year, this was then increased to contribute to savings to be achieved by Community services of 3m per month from November to the end of this financial year.

The freeze has impacted on a service that is already severely stretched and has a 45 1/2% deficit just in the North locality, therefore the freeze has been lifted for twenty nursing posts. At present Community services are still authorised to use bank nursing when available.

Northwood & Pinner Community Unit.
Currently there are four palliative care beds with medical cover provided by a specialist consultant. There are also respite beds which local GP’s have to provide medical cover for their own patients and intermediate care beds for which a local GP provides cover. There are 'awaiting placement beds' which have cover from a consultant from Hillingdon Hospital. The use of these beds are currently being reviewed to ensure best use is being made use of them for local people.

In response to this situation, escalation plans were written and implemented from January 2006. These included:

Referral Centre set up at Laurel Lodge - only new patients to be seen who are terminally ill, insulin dependant diabetic patients and referrals to prevent admission to hospital. This highlighted gaps within the service.

The Complex Wound Clinic opened but is under-funded. Patients with severe mobility problems from North Hillingdon experience difficulties with travel and can be delayed returning home.

Questions from Panel Members regarding:

a) Northwood & Pinner Community Unit
Suggested use of volunteers at weekends at the Unit. (Volunteers are used to assist at police stations during the weekend) (PM)
Can the panel assist in any way? (PM)

It was agreed that the Panel would write to Penny Thorpe, Director of Primary Care on the following matters: Action AC

Concerns regarding the serious staffing shortages faced by community nursing services in Hillingdon.

The use of the rehabilitation beds at the
Northwood & Pinner Community Unit (known as intermediate care beds)

Requesting a complex wound clinic for North Hillingdon.

NB. Response from Penny Thorpe circulated to Panel.

b) Privatisation of Domiciliary Oxygen Supply Services.

How do the community nursing services view the changes to the oxygen supply services? (AC)

Response: Nursing Services respond favourably to the changes.

3. Minutes of Meeting 15th November 2005

Amendment to Item 8 A.O.B. Re: Age Discrimination Act
NHS Dental Treatment for Children - Should read as follows:
IJ asked Whether Private Dental Practitioners who offer children NHS
Treatment could be asked to provide the parents with NHS treatment also otherwise this could be seen as age discrimination.

It was suggested that the ADA was mainly targeting employment.
The question was noted for further consideration once the Act has been implemented.

The Minutes were agreed and signed as correct.
Agenda date should read 17th January 2006

4 Matters Arising

Item 2 Ambulatory Radiotherapy Services at Mount Vernon.

AC contacted Carol Lowdell at NWLSHA regarding the inclusion of the Panel on Stakeholders List for future consultations regarding Mount Vernon Cancer Services. CL replied that SHA's were to be streamlined and a lead person would then be identified re: above. Panel was on the Stakeholder's List.
The public consultation process has been completed & awaiting next steps.

Item 6 Update from Residents Association

Re: Queries on Dental Care: Replies from Patrice Peterkin were read out and circulated by AC

Re: Correct & Accurate Information from HPCT - Monthly Core Brief now sent to Panel Members.

5. Notice of A.O.B.

Queries on Annual Public Health Report 2005 (IJ) & (VM) Action AC

Letter to Dr H Pickles 6.02.06 raising Members Queries.

6. Update from Residents' Associations/ Community Voice/ HPCT Board Meetings.

Nothing significant to report. (NB HPCT Meeting following week).

7. Discussion on:

a) Core Brief - information useful

b) Terms of Reference for Panels.
Final T.O.R. for Panels now agreed. Paragraph on "Members Resignation" had been excluded by majority consent of both Panels.

Members agreed for Minutes from NHPP to be circulated on Virtual Panel web site providing names not included.

c) Joint Meeting with Hayes/Harlington Panel 11th May 2006 -see March Agenda.

8) A.O.B.

Question: Is eye screening for diabetic patients?
Yes -should be free