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Hillingdon Email ZZN AccountClick here to get a free one

Can you remember

Hillingdon On-line has done a deal with Zap Zone Network to be able to provide you with free email.

All our addresses end (at hillingdon dot zzn dot com)

Just click on the words Hillingdon Email above to go to the sign up page. It really is free and it is internet based email - so you take it with you wherever you go. It is a fully functioning email service so you can keep your contacts and mail on the Internet for you to access whenever you want.

"But I've already got an email address!"

So have I! but the point is that people move and change jobs and decide to use a different internet service provider and then you have to tell everyone your new email address - everyone! By using an internet based email address you can give people just one address.

You may want it for a specific purpose - such as a business project. Then you know that any message forwarded from the service is to do with that specific project.

Your Hillingdon email address can have a forwarding address written into it quite simply. Then when people send you an email your Hillingdon Email address automatically forwards it to you.

So as you move or change your Internet Service Provider (ISP) simply change the forwarding address on your email account and the next email addressed to you comes to you wherever you are.

It also means that if you rely on work for your email access you can have your own, independently. All you need is a computer linked to the Internet to read or send your mail

Limitations: If you are used to receiving large file downloads it would be better to give your direct email address. You have up to 1.5 MB space on your Hillingdon email account - which is more than adequate for most email uses but if you need to transfer database files or very large images it is better to use an ordinary ISP.

We don't want to mislead you!

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