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Why have this site?

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We want to do:

  1. Bring about a change in how the law is interpreted by the judiciary to give it the serious consideration which this crime deserves when sentencing.
  2. Bring the public's attention to the leniency of the sentences given in these cases
  3. Educate drivers to consider their actions or condition while driving
  4. Help families of victims to share their stories and to offer help to one another

It's No Accident

We have created this site Death by Dangerous Driving because it happens all too often that somebody is killed by a driver - not just by accident, (everyone makes mistakes), but by reason of recklessness or by driving when in no fit condition through use of drugs or alcohol.

When somebody chooses to race on the public highway, take risks, drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs the word accident is not relevant. When someone is so out of control through anger or an inability to control themselves what then happens is not an accident. They should leave the car behind and take a bus.

Nobody has to drive a car.

It's Their Choice

When a person decides to race, drink drive, or has no control of their temper while behind the wheel they put other people's lives at risk. These are all conscious decisions by the driver - they have probably raced, driven drunk or lost their temper before. They can feel overconfident because they are encased in the protective shell of the car and don't realise how much damage they are likely to cause. The pedestrian or cyclist is not protected and the other motorist may be totally unaware of the condition of the reckless driver and so be unable to prepare him or herself for actions which are totally unpredictable.

In Court

When the cases come to court it often happens that the person standing in the dock is praised and built up as a sound citizen. This then leads to a sentence which does not match the crime which they have committed.

The courts do not take this crime seriously enough and victims' families feel betrayed and abused as well as being victimised again by the process.


The legal system is such that there are a range of offences concerning the manner in which someone drives: Driving without Due Care and Attention and Reckless Driving are two of these. If there are reasons why the motorist was involved in an incident which are beyond his or her control, but the motorist is seen to take some of the blame then these lesser offences should be considered. Where it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the motorist is totally to blame and could have chosen to drive in a different manner (or not to drive at all) then the court should take it very seriously. The Jury will have found the driver guilty of the crime and so there is no longer any question of their guilt.

It is for this reason that we have created this site.



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