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  Death by Dangerous Driving Campaign

Death by Dangerous Driving*

It is the most serious offence a motorist can be charged with when they kill somebody and it is not murder.

It means that they have been reckless, drunk, speeding, on drugs or doing something else which caused them to lose control of their vehicle and kill someone.

This site is devoted to the families and friends of people killed in this way who would like to see the punishment of such drivers more closely reflect the seriousness of their crime.

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Email: If you would like to add your support to the campaign or share your story or case study please email Keith Burrows at

*The Road Traffic Act 1991, effective from 1 July 1992, amended the charge of, "causing death by reckless driving" to one of, "causing death by dangerous driving" and added a new offence of "causing death by careless driving when under the influence of drink or drugs".


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