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Mar 2000 | 10/Jul/1999 | 10/Dec/1998

New Crossing to be opened - Following local Campaign

The New Crossing on the Cowley Road is nearly completed and will be opened soon. 

Justice for Road Traffic Victims - 10 July, 1999.

The Road Traffic Act 1991 introduced new legislation to facilitate the prosecution and conviction of dangerous drivers and drivers who cause death. The Criminal Justice Act 1993 increased the sentence for causing death by dangerous to reflect public concern. YET our Judges STILL avoid dealing with such offenders and even if a court is now entitled to bear a death in mind when caused by careless driving, this is not the same as saying that the death is the issue and must be taken into account or even duly considered.

THUS derisory sentences are continually meted out at the expense of victims and bereaved families who are abraded for being vindictive. A death caused by careless or dangerous driving is measured against the degree of intended criminality even when the charges brought against the guilty are only supposed to evaluate the manner of driving. A driver’s guilt of causing death and severe injury is excused consistently by a mere moment’s inattention – an interpretation of the Judges which has now become law.

Are our lives worth but a mere moment’s responsibility?

If you want properly regulated implementation of deterrents against killer drivers whose cases are proven unite with us in a mass demonstration of disapproval against a Judiciary whose present policy of appeasement allows the guilty free.

10.30 am Hyde Park, North Carriage Drive, London (Marble Arch tube)

11.30 am Start off Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square via Piccadilly

13.30 hrs Rally – speakers to be advised



Giulietta Galli-Atkinson

21 The Coppice, Enfield, EN2 7BX


Family Takes Its Protest to Number 10

On 10th December 1998 a 14,000 signature petition was handed in to 10 Downing Street asking for the Government to look again at the sentencing of drivers who kill people.

Keith Burrows and his mother Pat handed in the petition. Keith's son David was killed by a motorist (David Arundel of Norfolk) in Cowley in June 1997. Mr Arundel was found guilty of Death by Dangerous Driving and was then given community service and a driving ban as his sentence.

The group is demanding a 2 year minimum jail sentence and a lifetime driving ban for people found guilty of this crime.

Keith said, "There is no consistency in sentencing and this sends all the wrong messages. We want a message that says, 'If you are solely to blame for the death of someone you will pay'."

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