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Mate to Mate

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What is M8-2-M8?

This is a system which allows young people to spread the word about what is happening for young people in Hillingdon. Some key young people have been chosen to text out information to their friends and colleagues to let them know about what is happening. These young people are called Key Texters.

We will also be using MSN messenger and other internet messengers.

Current items: January 2006

Have your say on services for Children and Young people:

This is a long survey. If you don't have time to fill it all in give it your best shot. At least fill in the last few questions so that you can have a say on how they ask questions in the future!

Don't forget to give your mobile number so that you can be included on M8-2-M8

Special Event for young people in Care

28 January 2006 - West Drayton Young People's Centre

Bogus Messages

If you receive a m82m8 message please come back to this page to check that it is official. If you don't see it listed here it is not one of ours and someone may be playing a trick on you. Email us to let us know about it and we can warn other people to ignore it.

Join M8-2-M8

If you want to be on the list for phone messages or MSN messages please email Dave Williams to have your mobile phone number or MSN information added to the list.

If you don't have a mobile phone or MSN just keep coming back to this site for the update information.

If you would like to be a key texter please say so in your email - you will need to be able to forward a message to 20 contacts who are younger that 18 that other key texters are not already in contact with.

Add an Event

For any information about M8-2-M8 that is not covered here please contact Dave Williams  - Manager of Hillingdon Children's Fund

For more information about activities and services for young people click here