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Seasons for Growth


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Family Breakdown, Death in the Family, Lots of change - a programme to educate about grief and loss.  Seasons for Growth provides training to staff and volunteers in statutory and voluntary organizations to become Companions who facilitate groups of 5-8 children, young people or adults, enabling them to address issues of loss and grief.  The aims and objectives are:

  • to support young people to understand and manage the grief experienced because of the loss of a significant person through death, separation or divorce

  • to assist them in understanding that the emotions associated with the loss are normal 

  • to encourage the expression of thoughts and emotions

  • to educate about the grief process

  • to develop a peer-support network

  • to help restore self-confidence and self esteem

  • to reduce isolation

Training programmes are organized about four times a year, location and frequency depending on demand.  Please contact the office on the details below for further information.

Contact: Helena Duckett, Office Administrator, Seasons for Growth, 2 Tynemouth Street, Fulham, London, SW6 2QT.  Tel: 020 7736 7057 Email: