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Pro Parenting


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Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) offers parenting courses for ages 0-12 (Group Triple P) and age 12 plus (Triple P for Teenagers.) The course is for six weeks with further support if required. Triple P can, in short, be broken down to three main headings

  1. What is positive parenting?

  2. Looking at strategies for positive parenting.

  3. Common causes of difficult behaviour and strategies for dealing with this

Each parent sets ‘Goals for Change’ at the beginning of the course and works towards these goals throughout the six weeks.

Courses run during school term times either during the day or evenings and sometimes a crèche is available for pre-school children.  They are held in Harefield and other parts of the Borough of Hillingdon and are free for parents.

For further details please contact Diane Aston on 01895 444406 Ext 210 or email